As small as a giant, I’m still ridin’
Hand on my sword, good Lord I need time

Watch for the sun-eaters blocking our shine
Enlighten my kind, reason for rhyme
I’mma find Zion, free my soul
Repent for all the things I done until my eyes closed

When the boat man come, I’m paying my toll
Outside the gates of Heaven, pray to god I’m chose
As small as a giant



The Desert Eagle chambered in 50 Action Express has a very distinct muzzle flash; a fairly symmetrical cylinder of flame. This sudden but short flash of flame, paired with the recoil, noise and concussive blast make it difficult to shoot accurately if you’re not used to it. Part of the reason why the 50 Action Express model is the most common one you see for sale is because most owners buy into the hype and fame of the Desert Eagle and end up not being able to handle the harsh characteristics of it.